From the Blogossphere: Michael Bird Interviews Robert Yarbrough about the The Letters to Timothy and Titus (PNTC)

Michael Brid interviewed Robert Yarbrough on Euangelion about his new commentary The Letters to Timothy and Titus. Bird covered a number of issues with Yarbrough including authorship, gender, and the nature of the ministry. Bird didn’t shy away from the modern context’s most contested passage in the Pastorals in the modern context:


Okay, what do you do with 1 Tim 2:11-15?”


“My reading emphasizes Timothy’s responsibility to create space for women to learn—the essence of discipleship—in an ecclesial atmosphere conducive to that pursuit. I don’t see reasons for limiting 2:9-15 to Timothy’s Ephesus in their application.”

Read Bird’s complete interview with Yarbrough on his Euangelion blog at

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