Old Testament Commentaries

Eerdmans Old Testament commentary series bring the ancient Hebrew scriptures to life with profound yet engaging and accessible scholarship from the world’s leading researchers and teachers.

The New International Commentary on the Old Testament
All of the NICOT volumes combine superior scholarship, an evangelical view of Scripture as the Word of God, and concern for the life of faith today. Each volume features an extensive introduction treating the biblical book’s authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. The author’s own translation of the original Hebrew and verse-by-verse commentary follow.



The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary
Seeking to bridge the existing gap between biblical studies and systematic theology, this distinctive series offers section-by-section exegesis of the Old Testament texts in close conversation with theological concerns. Written by respected scholars, the THOTC volumes aim to help pastors, teachers, and students engage in deliberately theological interpretation of Scripture.



Focusing on the literary quality, meaning, and significance of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Deuterocanonical writings, the Illuminations series is designed to provide interpretation accessible to all readers, followed by more in-depth commentary on textual criticism, language, culture, and reception history.



The Bible in Medieval Tradition
The Bible in Medieval Tradition series aims to reconnect the church with part of its rich history of biblical interpretation and to show the contemporary applicability of that history. Each BMT volume features translations of lengthy selections from significant commentaries written between the ninth and fourteenth centuries, preceded by a substantial historical overview of medieval exegesis.



The Church’s Bible
The Church’s Bible serves to bring the early church’s tradition of biblical interpretation to life once again. Compiled, translated, and edited by leading scholars, these volumes draw extensively from patristic and early medieval commentators, illuminating Holy Scripture as it was understood during the first millennium of Christian history.